What our clients say

"Unemployment claims are not my favorite thing to do, however since I’ve been working with USC they’ve become easier to deal with. The claims are emailed to me with steps for all information required. If I have any questions all I have to do is call the office and/or email Debra Danforth (Account Manager) and together we accomplish a solution or whatever is needed. Point of interest is they’ve helped us save money and that's always a 'good thing'. USC certainly makes my job easier and I always have support I can count on."

Coordinator for a Large Assisted Living Organization

"I have worked with Unemployment Services Corporation for about 10 years now. I would absolutely recommend their services. They handle every case from the beginning right up to any point I need them for. USC receives the claim from the state and then sends me a notice to complete an easy questionnaire about the individual’s employment. If I have any questions, I can call them and they are right there to guide me through. USC works directly with the state and then notifies me of the results. Should I need to contest the findings the state has made, they offer a conference call and advise us, based on their experience, on the likelihood of the outcome. USC also offers a representative to attend the hearing with us should we need this service. Once the state has made a decision, USC notifies us of the results. USC is always helpful and professional."

Director of HR and Training For a Fortune 500 Restaurant Franchise

"We love working with USC.  Since working with USC we have seen a  huge decline in unemployment claims as well as our  liability for employees who were terminated for valid reasons or simply do not want to work.  USC  has been a great time saver as we do not have to fill out those long questionnaires. We get an email notification about the claim; answer a few simple questions and  thats it. They do all the work for us. Using USC has been one of the best  decisions we have made."

Franchise Owner of Home Care Provider

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