Case Studies

Proof we are great at what we do!


Newly created Healthcare company entered the Healthcare Market Acquiring a large failing Not for profit 501 C3 healthcare system. They encountered multiple problems as the implementation took place with the Unemployment Agency. Specifically, the transition from being a Reimbursable Employer to a Contributory (Tax) Employer. Due to system limitation within the Agency the company was inadvertently double billed for Unemployment benefits causing a $ 4 Million Bill. Working with the Agency USC was able to recreate the Unemployment benefits charging sequence reducing the Bill to $400,000 saving the employer $3.6 Million dollars.


Working with the second largest multi-specialty practice group in the state. The Practice group was believed to owe $685,000.00 in past due taxes. The Practice was originally registered as a for profit entity although the Practice was a certified 501 C3 organization. The Practice includes over 240 primary care and specialty providers in 60 practices, with offices in communities throughout the state. USC negotiated with the State Agency on behalf of the employer and reduce the balance owed by to $18,000.00 saving the Practice $667,000.


Working with the largest healthcare provider in the state uncovered payment processing problems for unemployment bills. The Agency was applying payments for multiple accounts to one account causing large over payments on some accounts and large unpaid balance to be charged interest on past due amounts. This practice had been ongoing for 15 months. USC worked diligently with the state Agency to recreate the correct payments and apply them properly reducing the interest charges owed saving the employer in excess of $300,000.00

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